A 15-year-old boy was shot in the back just after dismissal near a high school in Hell’s Kitchen on Monday, but did not seek medical attention until 10 hours later, according to the police.

The incident occurred near Park West High School, located at 534 W. 50th St. in Manhattan, around 3 p.m.

Who is the 15-Year-Old Kid Shot Close to Park West High School on Monday?

The teen, whose identity has not been disclosed, has been described by the authorities as “highly uncooperative.”

According to police sources, they responded to a ShotSpotter report at the location of the shooting, but did not find any bullet casings or victims.

The boy arrived at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Morningside Heights at approximately 1 a.m. the following day and was in stable condition.

The victim told the police that he was shot near the school, but refused to provide any further information.

At this point, no arrests have been made, and it is unclear if the victim knew the shooter.

Incidents like this one are unfortunately not uncommon in New York City.

Gun violence has been a longstanding issue in many neighborhoods, including Hell’s Kitchen.

In the wake of this shooting, police will likely increase their presence in the area to deter further violence.

It is important for witnesses to come forward with any information they may have about the incident.

This will help the police to identify and apprehend the shooter, and prevent similar crimes from happening in the future.

The shooting of a 15-year-old boy near a high school in Hell’s Kitchen is a concerning incident.

The police are currently investigating the matter, and it is hoped that the shooter will be identified and brought to justice.

Anyone with information is encouraged to come forward and share what they know with the authorities.

Source: Mckpage.com


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