Mark Rayner may not known to the public, but he has been a “quiet force” behind his wife Angela Rayner’s political career.

Angela Rayner, a prominent British politician and current Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, has held several important positions within the Labour Party, including Deputy Leader of the Labour Party since 2020.

Who is Mark Rayner? Angela Rayner Lovely Husband

Mark Rayner and Angela Rayner have been together for over 20 years, marrying in 2004.

They met while both working in social care and have two sons who were born when Angela was a teenager and before she entered politics.

In interviews, Angela has spoken openly about her experiences as a young mother, and how they inspired her to fight for better support for working-class families.

As a Unison trade union official, Mark has been supportive of Angela’s political career from the beginning.

He has been involved in her campaigns as a volunteer and was appointed as an advisor to the Labour Party’s national executive committee in 2019, focusing on trade union engagement and policy development.

Despite leaving school without qualifications, Angela pursued her education and career, ultimately becoming a respected trade union representative and Member of Parliament (MP) for Ashton-under-Lyne in 2015.

She identifies as a socialist and part of Labour’s soft left and has been a vocal advocate for workers’ rights and trade unions, frequently speaking about the importance of supporting families and communities.

Angela’s rise to political prominence within the Labour Party began in 2014 when she was selected to contest Ashton-under-Lyne and was elected to the seat in the 2015 general election.

She was appointed as Shadow Minister for Pensions by Jeremy Corbyn in January 2016 and was promoted to the Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Secretary of State for Education and Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities in July 2016.

As Shadow Education Secretary, Angela proposed the creation of a National Education Service based on the National Health Service (NHS), which aimed to provide free education and training opportunities to people of all ages and backgrounds, similar to the free healthcare provided by the NHS.

Her proposal sparked important conversations about the future of education in the UK.

In the 2020 Labour Party leadership election, Angela endorsed Rebecca Long-Bailey, who came second to Keir Starmer.

She successfully stood for the Deputy Leadership position and was subsequently appointed as party chair and national campaign coordinator.

However, she was removed from these roles in a reshuffle following Labour’s poor performance in the 2021 local elections.

Angela was later appointed as Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Shadow Secretary of State for the Future of Work.

Her socialist ideology and commitment to social justice have earned her a loyal following among Labour Party supporters, and she continues to fight for workers’ rights and better support for working-class families.

Together, Angela and Mark have been committed to fighting for workers’ rights and better support for working-class families, inspired by their own experiences as working-class parents.



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