JPMorgan Chase is taking legal action against a former executive who allegedly knew of Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual misconduct and did not disclose the information to the bank. 0242531191

The lawsuit claims that Jes Staley, former CEO of Barclays, should be personally held liable for any damages that JPMorgan Chase may have to pay out as a result of two other lawsuits related to Epstein.

One of the lawsuits was filed by an alleged victim of Epstein’s sex-trafficking, known as Jane Doe, who claims that JPMorgan “knowingly” received benefits and profited from Epstein’s illicit activities. The other lawsuit was filed by the US Virgin Islands.

Who is J.P Morgan? J.P Morgan Chase Sues Former Executive over Epstein Links

According to court documents filed in Manhattan federal court, JPMorgan who is owner of JPMorgan Chase is seeking back wages from Staley for the years 2006 through 2013, during which Epstein sexually abused Jane Doe 1 in multiple locations, including New York, Florida, New Mexico, and the United States Virgin Islands.

The bank also wants Staley to pay punitive damages for his “intentional and outrageous conduct in failing to disclose pertinent information and abandoning (JPMorgan’s) interests in favor of his own and Epstein’s personal interests.”

Staley is named in the lawsuit filed by the US Virgin Islands and Jane Doe against JPMorgan Chase. The lawsuits claim that the bank should have seen evidence of Epstein’s sex trafficking and knowingly benefited from it.

JPMorgan Chase has denied the allegations and asked a judge to dismiss the US Virgin Islands’ complaint, calling it “without legal merit.”

Previous lawsuits have revealed that Staley and Epstein exchanged hundreds of emails and text messages over the years, and they were seen to have a close relationship that went beyond the professional relationship a banker would have with a wealthy client.

Staley resigned as CEO of Barclays in November 2021, amid scrutiny over his ties to Epstein. Barclays suspended millions of dollars in bonuses and awards that it was planning to give to Staley.

A spokesperson for JPMorgan Chase stated that “the lawsuits against JPMorgan Chase are misplaced and without merit,” but added that if the allegations against Staley are true, he should be held responsible for his actions.



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