Who is Elanor Kristina? Peter Thiel only Daughter

Elanor Kristina Thiel is a name that has gained some popularity in recent times, but who is she? Many people have been curious about the only daughter of billionaire entrepreneur .

Elanor Kristina Thiel was born on November 20, 1999, in California. She is the only daughter of Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal, and his ex-wife, Susan Thiel.

Peter Thiel is a renowned entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and author who has made a significant impact in the tech industry.

Who is Elanor Kristina? Peter Thiel only Daughter

Her father, Peter Thiel, was born in Germany and raised in the United States, while her mother, Susan Thiel, is of Swedish descent.

Elanor Kristina Thiel attended the Crystal Springs Uplands School, a co-educational college preparatory school in Hillsborough, California. After completing high school, she enrolled at Stanford University in 2018, where she is currently pursuing a degree in computer science.

Although Elanor Kristina Thiel is still a student, she has already made a name for herself in the tech industry.

In 2019, she participated in the Facebook University program, where she worked as a software engineering intern. The Facebook University program is an internship program aimed at helping undergraduate students from underrepresented communities build their careers in technology.

Elanor is also a member of the Stanford Robotics Club, where she works on building autonomous drones. She has also taken part in several hackathons and coding competitions, where she has won multiple awards.

Peter Thiel is known to be a private person who keeps his personal life away from the public eye. He rarely speaks about his family in interviews, and he has not publicly commented on his daughter's achievements or career.

However, Elanor Kristina Thiel and her father are known to have a close relationship. In a rare interview with The New Yorker, Peter Thiel described his daughter as “very independent and very intelligent.” He also revealed that he had taken her on a trip to Antarctica when she was 11 years old, where they went hiking and kayaking.

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