Real estate developer and Portland native Dustin Michael Miller has decided to leave the city after discovering bullet holes had shattered the glass close to where he usually works.

Miller took to Instagram on Saturday to express his frustration with the city’s high crime rates, saying, “Alright Portland, I’m done with you. I’m over. This has gotta stop, OK?”

In the video, he pans the camera to his desk, revealing the bullet holes that riddled the window above him.

He expressed his gratitude for not being at his desk at the time of the incident, stating that “If I was here [the bullets would] be in the back of my head right now.”

Who is Dustin Michael Miller? Real Estate Businessman to leave Portland Due to Bullet Holes in his Office

Miller spoke to Todd Piro and Ashley Strohmier on “Fox & Friends First” about his experience and the city’s worsening crime problem, describing the event as “the final straw in the city’s relentless crime saga for him.”

He emphasized that Portland has been rapidly declining over the past few years and that it is “scary living there and coming to work and finding bullet holes in your office.”

The incident highlights the city’s larger problem with crime and homelessness. Miller expressed his concerns about the growing number of homeless people in the city and the lack of action being taken by city officials to address the issue.

He shared that it is not uncommon to see homeless individuals carrying axes and machetes around the city, and that calling the police has become a futile exercise as they rarely show up.

The issue of policing and policy in Portland has come under scrutiny in recent years, with many residents and business owners expressing their frustration with the city’s approach to crime and homelessness.

Miller criticized the city’s policy of allowing criminals to “do whatever they want” and expressed his disbelief at a recent bill that would give every homeless person $1,000 a month.

He also mentioned the new law that makes possession of drugs legal, stating that “anybody over a certain quantity [of substances], no problem. You go to court… and you either get a ticket or you go to treatment.”

Despite the city’s problems, Miller has yet to see a decline in business, but he remains fearful that it could happen.

He is not alone in his decision to leave Portland, as many residents have left the city in recent years due to its high crime rates and other issues.

Dustin Michael Miller’s decision to leave Portland after discovering bullet holes in his office highlights the city’s worsening crime problem and the need for action from city officials.

His experience is a reminder that the city’s violence can happen to anyone and that policies need to be put in place to ensure the safety of residents and business owners.



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