Devin McCourty, the three-time Super Bowl champion, has announced his retirement from the NFL. The announcement was made official through a recorded Zoom conversation with his twin brother, former teammate Jason, which he posted on Instagram. In the video, McCourty said, “I will always only look good in a Pats uniform, but I will no longer look good in a Pats uniform going forward. I am officially retiring from the NFL. It has been a great ride.”

Who is Devin McCourty?

McCourty spent his entire 13-year NFL career in Foxboro with the New England Patriots. He won Super Bowls in 2015, 2017, and 2018. Throughout his career, McCourty was a three-time second-team All-Pro and the 27th selection of the 2010 NFL Draft.

“This whole offseason has been so much back-and-forth for me mentally, probably not even sharing as much of the thoughts that I was just going between from one day to the next day,” McCourty said in the video. “But, ultimately, I think this is the best decision for me and my family, for my career is to be able to now look back at my 13 years and just enjoy.”

McCourty also joked that he does not have a new job lined up, and he and his wife can’t spend any money after March 15 when he will officially be retired and “unemployed.”

“I’m excited about what’s to come. I never thought I’d be able to retire from the NFL. That’s all I’ve ever done, really, is play football and be excited about having another job. But everything you’ve done has shown me that that is possible, so I’m excited to follow your footsteps once again and then be better than you. It should be a great journey and ready to do it, man,” McCourty said, hinting at his plans to be involved with the Players Association, just like his brother.

Devin McCourty has retired from the NFL after an illustrious career with the New England Patriots, winning three Super Bowls and being a three-time second-team All-Pro. Although he does not have a new job lined up yet, McCourty is excited about what the future holds and is looking forward to following in his brother’s footsteps.



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