Dermot Mulroney is getting ready for the release of “Scream VI,” and to promote the movie, the actor joined Instagram for the first time. However, he confessed to The Post that he is trying not to let social media take over his life.

Who is Dermot Mulroney? American Actor Dermot Mulroney Join Instagram for “Scream VI” Release

Mulroney acknowledged that social media is like a weird relationship, where it takes over your brain at first, and then you’re in phase two, and before you know it, your brain’s triggered again. As a result, he is now in phase four, where he could care less about it.

When he’s not online, the 59-year-old actor is adding more horror movies to his resume after a successful run in romantic comedies. He still has a passion for on-screen romance and hopes they’re on their way back, as he plans to do his part on that.

Mulroney left his mark with roles in classic romantic comedies like “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” “The Wedding Date,” and “The Family Stone,” and he confessed to The Post that he still has a lot more to do. Fans still pine over his sultry side, and he humbly chalked up the scene in “The Wedding Date” where he pushes Debra Messing up against a car and whispers in her ear, as one of those “things that seem to have emerged later on in ways that are unexpected.”

As Mulroney was born on Halloween, his affinity for scary movies is to be expected. He even believes that it’s his birthright. However, his wife, Italian cinematographer Tharita Cesaroni, is not a fan of being frightened.

The project, “Scream VI,” marks Mulroney’s reunion with another female costar, Courteney Cox. The pair shared the screen in 2003 when Mulroney had a guest-starring role on “Friends,” where he played Gavin, Jennifer Aniston’s love interest. Although he was only in the show for three episodes, he left a lasting impression, which he witnessed firsthand when the beloved sitcom was added to Netflix in 2015.



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