The New York Police Department’s Ghost Gun Team announced that it conducted a successful raid, recovering numerous illegal and untraceable gun parts and equipment for manufacturing narcotic pills.

The incident took place on Wednesday at a residence located on East 84th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues on the Upper East Side.

Who is Christopher Fox?

The team arrested Christopher Fox, the brother of actress and model Julia Fox. Additionally, the police took Fox’s father into custody, but he was later released without charges.

According to the police report, the Ghost Gun Team received a tip from the residents of East 84th Street about suspicious deliveries. Upon arriving at the location, the officers discovered an assortment of illegal contraband.

They found illegal guns, pills, a pill press, pressure cookers, fentanyl, chloroform, heroin, propane, formaldehyde, and materials that are often used to make explosives.

Christopher Fox, aged 30, is facing numerous charges, including criminal possession of a controlled substance, manufacture of a machine gun, manufacture of a rapid-fire modified device, manufacture of a dangerous instrument, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a firearm, and criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.

The Ghost Gun Team also found several ghost guns, which are untraceable firearms that can be made from a 3D printer.

In an interview, Julia Fox referred to her brother as a “mad scientist-type” who keeps to himself and makes 3D prints. However, according to the police, Christopher Fox used these 3D-printed items to manufacture illegal guns.

In a statement released by the department, the NYPD affirmed its commitment to fighting illegal guns, including the proliferation of traditionally manufactured firearms and the increasing numbers of illegal, untraceable weapons such as ghost guns.

There is currently no information on when Christopher Fox will be arraigned, and he has no prior criminal record.

The raid conducted by the NYPD’s Ghost Gun Team demonstrates the effectiveness of community policing and the importance of reporting suspicious activity to law enforcement.

The team’s efforts have resulted in the seizure of illegal firearms and prevented their distribution on the streets.



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