In the early days of the internet, memes were not a thing. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that the internet began to shape and influence culture in profound ways. The first viral meme on the internet was a dancing figure known as the “Hamster Dance.”

The Origin of the Hamster Dance

In 1998, a Canadian art student named Deidre LaCarte created a website called “Hampster Dance.”

The website featured a looped animation of hamsters dancing to a sped-up sample of the song “Whistle Stop” from the Disney movie “Robin Hood.” The website also included a MIDI version of the song, as well as links to other websites and information about hamsters.

The Rise of the Hamster Dance

The Hampster Dance website quickly gained popularity, as people shared the link with their friends and family.

Soon, the website was receiving millions of hits per day. The dancing hamsters became an internet sensation, and the website was featured in news articles and on television shows.

The Legacy of the Hamster Dance

The Hamster Dance was the first viral meme on the internet, and it paved the way for many other memes to come. The website inspired countless imitations and parodies, and it even spawned a line of merchandise, including t-shirts and stuffed animals.

Although the Hampster Dance website is no longer active, the legacy of the dancing hamsters lives on. The Hamster Dance has become a part of internet history, and it will always be remembered as the first viral meme on the internet.


Q1. What made the Hamster Dance so popular? A1. The combination of catchy music, cute hamsters, and the early days of the internet contributed to the popularity of the Hamster Dance.

Q2. Did the creator of the Hamster Dance profit from its success? A2. Yes, the creator of the Hamster Dance was able to monetize the website through merchandise sales and advertising.

Q3. How did the Hamster Dance influence the creation of other memes? A3. The Hamster Dance set the precedent for viral content on the internet, paving the way for other memes to become popular.

Q4. Are there any other viral memes that predate the Hamster Dance? A4. While there were other popular internet phenomena before the Hamster Dance, such as the Dancing Baby animation, the Hamster Dance is widely considered to be the first viral meme on the internet.

Q5. What is the legacy of the Hamster Dance? A5. The Hamster Dance will always be remembered as the first viral meme on the internet and a pioneering example of the power of viral content



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