As one of the economic hubs of West Africa, Accra is a bustling city with a growing need for efficient financial systems.

For those looking to do business in Ghana or gain an understanding of the country’s economic policies, it’s important to know where the Ministry of Finance is located in Accra.

In this article, we’ll explore the various locations of the Ministry of Finance in Accra, and provide helpful information for those seeking to do business in the city.

What is the Ministry of Finance?

The Ministry of Finance is a government institution responsible for managing the financial resources of Ghana. It formulates economic policies, advises the government on budgetary matters, and monitors the country’s fiscal performance. It is responsible for overseeing the country’s tax system, managing public debt, and ensuring that the government’s spending is in line with its revenue.

Main Office of the Ministry of Finance in Accra

The main office of the Ministry of Finance in Accra is located at the heart of the city, in the central business district. The address is:

Ministry of Finance P.O. Box M40 Accra, Ghana

The office is situated on the 8th floor of the new block of the Ministry of Finance building, which is located on the High Street, opposite the Bank of Ghana.

This is the primary location for conducting official business with the Ministry of Finance, including inquiries about economic policies, taxes, and other financial matters.

Other Offices of the Ministry of Finance

In addition to the main office, the Ministry of Finance has several other offices in Accra. These include:

  1. The Fiscal Policy Office – responsible for developing and implementing fiscal policies in Ghana.
  2. The Economic Policy Coordination Office – responsible for coordinating economic policy development and implementation.
  3. The Budget Division – responsible for preparing and managing the national budget.
  4. The Debt Management Division – responsible for managing the government’s debt portfolio.

Each of these offices is responsible for specific functions within the Ministry of Finance, and may have separate locations and contact information. However, the main office on High Street is usually the best place to start for inquiries and information.

How to Contact the Ministry of Finance

There are several ways to contact the Ministry of Finance in Accra, including:

  1. By phone: The main phone number for the Ministry of Finance is +233-30-266-6343. Additional phone numbers for specific offices and officials can be found on the Ministry of Finance website.
  2. By email: The Ministry of Finance can be reached by email at [email protected]. Emails should be addressed to the appropriate office or official for the best response.
  3. In person: Visitors to Accra can visit the main office of the Ministry of Finance on High Street for inquiries and information.



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