The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is an important milestone in the educational journeys of students in Ghana. It marks a crucial turning point in their academic and professional paths as they transition to Senior High School. 

As such, the announcement and release of the BECE school placement list is an eagerly anticipated event that affects many people. 

This article will provide comprehensive information on when the 2022 BECE school placement will be released, and other important details. 

When will the BECE school placement for 2023 be out?

As is the norm each year, the West African Examination Council releases the lists of Senior High School placement for each student who partook in the most recent BECE examinations. 

For the 2023 academic year, both the BECE results and school placements were expected to be released in the third week of January. However, this has not been the case. 

As it stands now, neither the results nor the school placements have been released. 

How do I check my school placement 2023?

To check your school placement for the BECE, you can visit the Ghana Education Service (GES) website to find the official announcement. 

You can also inquire directly with your school or the GES about the status of your application. 

You may also purchase a voucher or scratch card at GH¢20 to check your results directly via the WAEC portal or the allocated mobile short code.

What is the cut off point for BECE?

Unlike for tertiary institutions, many Senior High Schools don’t have any specific cut off points. This is however not to say that all kinds of grades and aggregates are accepted in every school. 

Students with single digit aggregates and impressive raw scores commonly get admitted into the best senior high schools in the country. 

Those with double digit aggregates above 25 and poor raw scores are pushed to the less prestigious schools. Some may even end up not getting admitted into any SHS at all. 


The BECE school placement announcement is a major event in the lives of many Ghanaian students. The announcement is a source of hope and anticipation for those who are preparing to embark on the exciting new journey into Senior High School. By understanding the process, staying informed, and being prepared, students can make the most of their educational experience and take their academic pursuits to the next level.



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