Every WASSCE candidate is interested in knowing WASSCE grading system so they prepare adequately and evaluate themselves more efficiently. 

But the grading system changes periodically. If you’re wondering what grades qualify as passes in present times, you’ve come to the right place. This article contains all the relevant information about the WASSCE grading system. 

Read on to discover what the WASSCE grading system looks like this year. 

What is the WASSCE grading system? 

A brief definition of the grading system is that it is the standard scheme by which marks accrued by WASSCE candidates in their final examinations are graded. 

It allows candidates to assess their general performance in each of their courses.

The grades are assigned using a range of combinations of letters and numbers, for example, A1, B2, F9, etc. with A1 being an excellent grade and F9 being a fail. 

How important is the WASSCE Grading system?

The grading system allows candidates and their parents to efficiently measure their academic performance and help them calculate their overall grading point. This will enable them to select University courses and programs whose cut off points they can exceed. 

In short, knowing your grades could save you as a candidate from choosing courses that are beyond your academic capabilities. 

WASSCE Grading System 

For the 2022 WASSCE and NOV/DEC examinations, the grading system used is as follows:

  • 75% – 100% : A1 (Excellent) 
  • 70% – 74% : B2 (Very Good) 
  • 65% – 69% : B3 (Good) 
  • 60% – 64% : C4 (Credit) 
  • 55% – 59% : C5 (Credit) 
  • 50% – 54% : C6 (Credit) 
  • 45% – 49% : D7 (Pass)
  • 40% – 44% : E8 (Pass)
  • 0% – 39% : F9 (Fail)

As you can see from the list above, any mark below 40% is considered a Fail, such a grade will automatically disqualify a candidate from admission into any public university. 

However, depending on your course of choice, a grade D7 or lower could prevent you from getting admitted in your dream program. 

Therefore, candidates are advised to strive to attain a grade C4 or higher to avoid rejection. 


The current WASSCE grading system rewards marks from 75%-100% a grade A1 and 39%-0% an F9 grade. To increase your chances of gaining admission into any of the public universities, candidates must aim at attaining grades C4 and higher (depending on their program of choice).

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