Tony Blackburn, a well-known radio presenter in the UK, has been in the public eye for decades. However, little is known about his personal life, especially his relationships. In this article, we will shed some light on his love life by introducing you to his two ex-wives, Debbie Blackburn and Tessa Wyatt.

Debbie Blackburn

Debbie Blackburn, Tony Blackburn’s first wife, was married to him for 16 years before they got divorced in 1990. She was born in 1951 and is a former model and TV presenter. Debbie and Tony got married in 1972 and had a daughter together named Victoria. They were a power couple in the entertainment industry, with Tony’s successful radio career and Debbie’s modeling and presenting work.

After their divorce, Debbie remained relatively private and out of the public eye. She did, however, appear on the reality show “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” in 2006. Debbie has since remarried and currently lives in London.

Tessa Wyatt

Tessa Wyatt was Tony Blackburn’s second wife, and they were married for nine years from 1992 to 2001. Tessa is an actress and was born in 1948. She is best known for her role in the TV series “Robin’s Nest” in the 1970s.

Tessa and Tony met when they were both guests on a radio show, and they hit it off immediately. They got married in 1992 and had a son named Simon. However, their marriage was not without its problems, and they got divorced in 2001.

After her divorce from Tony, Tessa continued to act in various TV shows and films. She also became a voice-over artist and a scriptwriter. Tessa has been married twice more since her divorce from Tony and currently lives in Surrey.



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