Teaching is a very important occupation in every country and Ghana is no exception. To become a professional teacher in Ghana, an individual must pass through a training college and come out successful in order to earn a certificate to prove their skill. 

In this article, we will elaborate on the entire process of teacher certification and fully reveal everything that goes into the process of teacher training. 

Keep reading to find out all there is to know. 

How do I get a teaching certificate in Ghana?

To become a licensed teacher in the Republic of Ghana, you must possess a strong four-year Bachelor’s degree in Education or any other field. 

You will also be required to take a one-year education programme in any recognized training institution. 

After meeting these requirements, aspiring teachers will also have to write a final exam known as the licensure exam. Successful candidates will then be granted a licence to qualify them as professional teachers. 

What qualifications do you need to be a teacher in Ghana?

In order to be able to impart knowledge, a teacher must be well learned with a remarkable educational background. 

In Ghana, all aspiring teachers must possess a four-year Bachelor’s degree in any programme from an accredited university or tertiary institution. 

That aside, you must also pursue an education programme for the duration of one year to be eligible for taking the licensure exams. 

How many years does it take to complete teacher training in Ghana?

It generally takes about five years for a student-teacher to finally attain professional-teacher status. 

You must first complete your four years of tertiary education before proceeding to a year of on-field teaching in basic schools. 

It is only after this that you will finally be able to obtain your teaching license. 

How much are Ghanaian teachers paid?

In Ghana, how much a teacher makes depends on the educational level they teach, their level of qualification and the type of institution they work for (i.e. private or public). 

Teachers who have achieved Lecturer status and work in renowned public tertiary institutions are usually the highest paid on the teacher-chain. 

Secondary School teachers are also the next set of highly paid teachers and those at the basic school level are the least paid. 

According to Glassdoor, the least salary a Ghanaian teacher can earn is GH¢800.


Teaching is a good career as teachers are respected in Ghana. To finally qualify as a trained and professional teacher, you will need to dedicate about 5 years to your training journey. 

You must obtain your first degree from a recognized tertiary institution and teach at a basic school for a year before being allowed to sit for the license exams.

Passing this exam is the last hurdle between you and your dream career as a professional teacher.

Source: Mckpage.com


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