All Senior High Schools in Ghana follow one laid out academic calendar provided by the Ghana Education Service. The calendar spells out the duration of each semester, observable holidays, mid semester breaks, interschools competitions, vacation dates, and many more.

This article aims to inform you about some of the various aspects of the academic calendars and to provide you with answers to some frequently asked questions. 

What is the academic calendar for 2023?

For this year 2023, the first semester of all public Senior High Schools has already began. The continuing students reopened school in the second week of January, the new batch of SHS 1 students are expected to join them by mid-February.

The first semester typically ends around late May to early June. 

The second semester of the 2023/2024 academic year is expected to start on 2nd August, 2023 and end on 28th September, 2023 for SHS 3 students and 22nd December for SHS 1 and 2 students. 

How many semesters are in Senior High School?

Formerly, Senior High School academic years were divided into three terms. Now, the system has been changed. 

Each academic year is divided into two semesters, the first spanning from January to June and the last from August to December. 

In all, there are six (6) semesters in the three years of the SHS journey. 

What is the vacation date for SHS?

Though not yet officially confirmed, all government Senior High Schools are expected to end the first semester between late May and early June, and the second semester within the second to third week of December. 

How long is the first semester in Senior High School?

The first semester of Senior High School usually lasts for about five (5) months, which is about 20 weeks; from January to May/June. 

How long is Senior High School in Ghana?

Just like the duration for Junior High Schools, it also takes students three (3) (uninterrupted) years to complete their Senior High School education. 

After the three years of secondary school education, final year students are mandated to write the WASSCE exams in order to complete the level. 

The WASSCE results are used in applying for admission into tertiary institutions. 


In summary, the Senior High School academic calendar covers almost the entire year. The first semesters usually begin in January and end in late May or June.

The second semesters also start in August and vacates few days to Christmas day.

The SHS journey spans for three years, after which the final year students are made to write their WASSCE in order to be able to gain admission into the university.



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