The textile industry plays a significant role in Ghana’s economy and the demand for skilled textile designers is on the rise.

As a result, it is important to understand the salaries that these professionals are earning. 

This article will explore the average salary of textile designers in Ghana, factors that influence pay, and career growth opportunities in the field.

How much are textile designers paid in Ghana?

The average salary of a textile designer in Ghana is around GH₵ 657 to GH₵ 4,135 per month according to sources. 

However, the exact salary can vary based on factors such as education, experience, and the size of the company. 

Highly experienced textile designers or those working for larger companies can earn salaries closer to the upper end of this range.

What factors influence how much textile designers make? 

There are a variety of factors that affect how much a textile designer actually earns on a monthly and yearly basis. 

Some of the factors that influence their salaries include the level of education, years of experience, size of the company they work for, its location, their skill level, and the industry demand.

Can textile designers become rich?

Textile design can be a well-paying profession, and some textile designers may earn a high salary and accumulate wealth over time. 

Factors such as education, experience, skill level, and industry demand can influence a textile designer’s earning potential. 

Building a successful career in textile design, making smart financial decisions, and growing one’s wealth over time can potentially lead to financial stability and prosperity.

Is textile designing a hard job?

Textile design can be a challenging and rewarding profession. Like any job, it has its own set of demands and requires a specific set of skills and knowledge. 

To succeed in textile design, one must have a strong understanding of color theory, composition, and design principles, as well as an eye for detail and a passion for creativity.

It also requires hard work, dedication, and the ability to work under tight deadlines. 

However, for those who are passionate about design and have the necessary skills and drive, textile design can be a highly fulfilling and enjoyable career.


In conclusion, the textile industry in Ghana is thriving and the demand for skilled textile designers is increasing.

The average salary of a textile designer in Ghana is influenced by factors such as education, experience, and company size. 

However, the average salary in the field is competitive, and there are many opportunities for career growth and advancement. 

As the industry continues to grow, the demand for highly skilled textile designers is expected to increase, making it an attractive career choice for individuals with a passion for design and creativity.



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