Substitute teaching is a crucial aspect of the education system, providing continuity to students when their regular teachers are absent.

In Ghana, substitute teachers play a vital role in ensuring the smooth functioning of schools and the quality of education.

Despite their importance, the issue of their salaries remains a contentious one. 

This article will explore the current state of substitute teacher salaries in Ghana, including factors that influence their pay and other important information relating to the education system. 

What does a substitute teacher do?

A substitute teacher is a teacher who temporarily takes the place of a regular teacher who is absent, for example, due to illness, personal leave, or other reasons.

They perform the same duties as a regular teacher but on a temporary basis.

What is the salary range for a substitute teacher in Ghana? 

Although the exact amount earned by substite teachers is unknown, they are believed to earn at least GH¢1,920 each month.

It is generally understood that substitute teachers in Ghana receive lower pay compared to regular teachers.

The exact amount varies depending on several factors, such as the type of school, the level of education of the teacher, and the location of the school. 

Some substitute teachers may earn a daily rate while others may receive a fixed amount per month.

Do substitute teachers get benefits?

Benefits for substitute teachers in Ghana may vary depending on the employer and the type of contract. 

Some substitute teachers may receive benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans, while others may not receive any additional benefits. 

However, substitute teachers commonly work on a part-time or as-needed basis, which may limit their eligibility for certain benefits.

It is advisable to check with your employer for specific information on the benefits you will be entitled to.

What is the salary of SHS teachers in Ghana?

According to the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission of Ghana, as of 2023, the minimum monthly salary for a newly appointed SHS teacher with a bachelor’s degree was GH₵2,050.

This amount increases with years of service and additional qualifications.

What is the salary of a basic school teacher in Ghana?

The salary of basic school teachers in Ghana varies depending on several factors, including years of experience, level of education, and type of institution.

Newly appointed basic school teachers with Bachelor’s degree typically earn no less than GH₵823 on a monthly basis. 

Substitute teachers play a crucial role in ensuring the quality of education in Ghana by providing continuity to students when their regular teachers are absent.

The government and other stakeholders in the education sector should work together to ensure that substitute teachers receive fair compensation and benefits that recognize their contributions to the development of education in the country.



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