Salary of Fashion Photographers in Ghana

Fashion photography is a dynamic and vibrant field of art, and one of the most sought-after professions in Ghana. 

As a fashion photographer, you have the opportunity to express your creative vision and make a real impact in the fashion industry. 

This article will explore the salaries for fashion photographers in Ghana and discuss the factors that contribute to the figures.

We will also look at the outlook for fashion photography in Ghana and discuss potential opportunities for growth.

What is the monthly income of a photographer in Ghana?

The monthly income of a photographer in Ghana varies and can depend on several factors such as experience, skills, client base, location, etc. 

It may also depend on the type of photography you specialize in, such as wedding photography, commercial photography, or portrait photography. 

According to sources, the salary typically ranges anywhere from GH¢501 to GH¢3,680.

Nevertheless, freelance photographers typically earn more compared to those who work for studios.

Which photography has the highest salary?

Freelance photography is said to be the highest paying photography sector for all photographers, regardless of their area of expertise. 

Although being tied to one organization provides a regular and stable source of income on a monthly basis, freelance photographers tend to make a lot more money with their craft than their full-time employed counterparts. 

Is Fashion Photography a good career?

Very much so. Fashion is one of the largest and most lucrative industries in the whole world, and what is Fashion without photography? 

The strong and ever-growing nature of the fashion industry alone proves without a doubt that Fashion photography is a career with not only an impressive present, but also an extremely promising future. 

How do beginner photographers get paid?

The best way to make some money and build your portfolio as a beginner photographer is to freelance.

Start off working for yourself, do photoshoots for simple occasions, or team up with beginner models.

You may also consider taking pictures of random but inspiring places, people or things to upload on stock photography sites like Freepik.

Is it hard to get into Fashion Photography?

Fashion photography is one of the most lucrative photography niches you can ever get, however, it is not the easiest to break through. 

Getting into Fashion photography is quite difficult, but with dedication and handwork, it'll be possible. 


In conclusion, fashion photography is a great career to pursue, not only in Ghana but several other parts of the world.

Pursuing a career in fashion photography is a wise choice because the industry, beyond doubt, has a promising future. 

Though it is a pretty difficult industry to get into, hard work and dedication can make you successful in it with time. 


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