This article will provide an overview of salaries for staff at the Bank of Ghana, a central bank that is charged with regulating economic activities, managing foreign exchange reserves, and acting as lender of last resort. 

It will outline the various positions, along with their average salaries, and the benefits associated with each position. 

How much are workers at the Bank of Ghana paid? 

In the Bank of Ghana, how much workers are paid depends on their level of education and level of experience in the field. 

Workers with significant first degrees, Master’s and other higher educational qualifications with many years of experience tend to earn a lot more than those without.

On the average, the staff of the Bank Of Ghana are paid salaries within the range of Ghs800 to Ghs5500 each month.

Various Bank of Ghana Staff Positions and their Salaries

  • Account Manager : GH¢1,367 – GH¢4,821
  • Anti-Money Laundering Specialist : GH¢1,600 – GH¢3,929
  • Custody Specialist : GH¢1,524 – GH¢3,962
  • Dealer/Trader : GH¢2,303 – GH¢6,572
  • Department Manager : GH¢1,973 – GH¢6,496
  • Financial Advisor : GH¢1,291 – GH¢3,161
  • Financial Analyst : GH¢1,611 – GH¢4,203
  • Internal Auditor : GH¢1,717 – GH¢4,483
  • Loan Specialist : GH¢1,133 – GH¢3,165
  • Mortgage Specialist : GH¢1,236 – GH¢3,277
  • Payments Clerk : GH¢1,035 – GH¢2,710
  • Personal Banker : GH¢861 – GH¢3,132
  • Private Banker : GH¢1,415 – GH¢3,915
  • Product Manager – Specialist : GH¢1,518 – GH¢5,410
  • Product Marketing Manager : GH¢1,665 – GH¢5,733
  • Relationship Manager : GH¢1,641 – GH¢5,925
  • Risk Specialist : GH¢1,798 – GH¢4,509
  • Seller of Bank Services, Loan Officer : GH¢1,114 – GH¢2,530
  • Stock Broker : GH¢1,629 – GH¢4,223
  • Back Office Specialist : GH¢1,176 – GH¢3,053
  • Branch Director : GH¢1,983 – GH¢6,642
  • Card Services Clerk : GH¢1,057 – GH¢2,713
  • Cashier GH¢715 – GH¢1,637
  • Claims Administrator : GH¢1,059 – GH¢2,774
  • Client officer : GH¢837 – GH¢2,406
  • Compliance Specialist : GH¢1,684 – GH¢4,434


In conclusion, the salaries of Bank of Ghana staff are competitive and offer an attractive package for employees.

The positions provide a variety of career paths, allowing individuals to pursue their professional goals while also taking advantage of the benefits associated with each role. 

Furthermore, salary increments and performance incentives help to ensure that employees are adequately compensated for their efforts. 

All in all, the Bank of Ghana is an excellent employer to consider when seeking employment.



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