Rolly Crump Cause of : Roland “Rolly” Fargo Crump, a notable Imagineer and Disney Legend, has passed away at the age of 93, as announced by his family.

The news has left his fans all over the world mourning for the loss of the man whose whimsical work was instantly recognizable and impacted the theme park industry profoundly.

Rolly Crump Cause of Death, Obituary, Funeral

Rolly Crump's contributions to the Walt Disney Company are immeasurable. His designs and artwork were not just limited to Disney, but also extended to other pop culture luminaries like Ernie Ball and Jacques Cousteau. His work also included creating iconic designs for Knott's Berry Farm, Busch Gardens, the Sultan of Oman, and many more.

One of his most remarkable contributions was designing some of Disneyland's groundbreaking new attractions and shops, including the Haunted Mansion, Enchanted Tiki Room, and Adventureland Bazaar. He also served as a key designer for Disney's attractions at the 1964-65 New York World's Fair, including “it's a small world,” for which he designed the Tower of the Four Winds marquee. Rolly also played a significant role in designing the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida and developing story and set designs for NBC's “Disney on Parade in 1970.”

After leaving the Walt Disney Company, Rolly continued to consult on projects, including Busch Gardens in Florida and California, the ABC Wildlife Preserve in Maryland, and Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus World in Florida, among others. He also launched his firm, the Mariposa Design Group, developing an array of themed projects worldwide, including an international celebration for the country of Oman.

In 1992, Rolly returned to Imagineering as executive designer, redesigning and refurbishing The Land and Innoventions at Epcot Center. He “retired” from The Walt Disney Company in 1996 but continued to work on a number of creative projects. In 2012, he released his autobiography, “It's Kind of a Cute Story,” which gave readers an insight into his life filled with “kind of a cute story” moments.

Rolly Crump's death is a significant loss to the world of art and entertainment. He leaves behind a legacy that will never be matched. His family thanks all his fans for supporting his work over the years. His magic will never be forgotten.



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