A ransomware group known as ALPHV has claimed responsibility for breaching Ring, the popular security camera company owned by Amazon. In a message posted on its website, ALPHV threatens to leak Ring’s data if the company does not comply with its demands. ALPHV is notorious for extorting victims beyond just locking their files and publicly shaming them on their website. The group’s “Collections” section, where hacked data is published, is easier to search than other hacking groups’ sites.

Ransomware Group, ALPHV Responsible for Amazon’s Ring Breach

VX Underground, a cybersecurity collective, confirmed that Ring’s name is on ALPHV’s data dump site. It is uncertain what data ALPHV may have access to, be it corporate or customer data. Ring has yet to release a statement about the situation.

ALPHV is not new to cybercrime, as it has previously leaked medical data and hacked hospitality companies. In 2019, hackers broke into a series of Ring cameras across the United States and terrorized victims by speaking through the camera’s speaker and even playing music. This incident highlighted the sensitivity of cloud-connected surveillance cameras and the potential dangers they pose to their users.

Ring’s popularity has grown exponentially, with millions of devices being sold all over the country. Amazon has partnered with at least 2,000 police departments around the country, making it easy for users to share footage with law enforcement. The cameras and footage they take have become so popular that Amazon launched a television show called “Ring Nation,” which is made up primarily of bloopers captured by Ring cameras.

It is worth noting that Ring itself was not compromised during the 2019 incidents. However, the hackers were able to exploit weaknesses in Ring’s default security settings. Ring has since changed some of its security practices to make it easier and more obvious for users to check their security settings.

In conclusion, the recent breach of Ring by ALPHV highlights the importance of having proper security measures in place, particularly for companies that handle sensitive data. As Ring and other companies continue to grow in popularity, it is essential to remain vigilant against cybercrime and to stay up to date with the latest security practices.

Source: Mckpage.com


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