Matt Gaetz is a well-known politician from Florida who has been in the limelight for his controversial views and actions. However, there is one aspect of his personal life that is not as well-known. Matt Gaetz is the only son of his parents, but he has a younger brother who is not related to him by blood. This is the story of Nestor Galban, Matt Gaetz’s only son.

Who is Nestor Galban?

Nestor Galban is a young man who was born in Cuba. He was living with his mother in Miami when Matt Gaetz met him. Matt Gaetz was dating Nestor Galban’s sister at the time, and he developed a close bond with Nestor. When Nestor’s mother passed away, Matt Gaetz took him in and became his legal guardian.

Matt Gaetz and Nestor Galban’s Relationship

Matt Gaetz has always been vocal about his love for Nestor Galban. He often refers to Nestor as his son and has said that he is proud to be his father. Matt Gaetz has also spoken about the challenges he faced as a young man and how he wants to help Nestor avoid those same challenges.

Matt Gaetz has been criticized for his relationship with Nestor Galban, with some people questioning his motives. However, Matt Gaetz has always maintained that he loves Nestor like a son and that he wants the best for him.

Nestor Galban’s Future

Nestor Galban is currently attending college, and he has expressed an interest in politics. He has accompanied Matt Gaetz to political events and has even spoken at some of them. Nestor Galban has also been active on social media, sharing his views and experiences.



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