Lady Gaga’s Parents, Lady Gaga is one of the biggest names in the music industry today. Known for her unique style, powerful vocals, and electrifying performances, she has captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

But behind every successful artist is a story, and Lady Gaga’s story starts with her parents.

Who are Lady Gaga’s Parents? Meet Joe and Cynthia Germanotta

Joe Germanotta was born in New Jersey in 1957. He attended high school in New York before going on to study hotel and restaurant management at Cornell University.

After graduation, he worked in the hospitality industry and eventually started his own business. He married Cynthia Bissett in 1983, and the couple had two daughters, Natali and Stefani, who would later become known as Lady Gaga.

Cynthia Germanotta was born in West Virginia in 1954. She also attended high school in New York and went on to study at the City University of New York, where she earned a degree in education.

She worked as a teacher for several years before becoming involved in her husband’s business ventures.

Joe and Cynthia Germanotta have been married for over 35 years and have a close and supportive relationship.

They have always been involved in their daughters’ lives and have encouraged their interests and passions from a young age.

Lady Gaga has spoken openly about the impact her parents have had on her life and career, crediting them with instilling in her a strong work ethic, sense of discipline, and love of music.

In addition to their support for their daughter, Joe and Cynthia Germanotta are also actively involved in philanthropic work.

They founded the Born This Way Foundation in 2012, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting mental health, wellness, and kindness among young people.

Lady Gaga serves as the organization’s co-founder and ambassador, and Joe and Cynthia are both members of the board of directors.



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