Julia Fox Parents: Julia Fox is a renowned American actress, model, and artist. She gained worldwide recognition for her performance in the 2019 film “Uncut Gems” alongside Adam Sandler.

Apart from her professional career, Julia’s personal life also grabs the public’s attention, especially her family background.

Julia Fox Parents: Ann Darwin and Samuel Fox

Julia Fox was born on January 23, 1990, in Milan, Italy, to an Italian mother and an American father.

Her mother, Ann Darwin, is a retired schoolteacher from Italy. On the other hand, her father, Samuel Fox, is a businessman from the United States.

Ann Darwin is of Italian descent and hails from the city of Varese. She completed her education in Italy and became a schoolteacher.

Ann always had a passion for teaching, and she excelled in her profession. She dedicated her life to educating children and shaping their futures.

Ann played a significant role in her daughter’s life and always supported her in every aspect. She encouraged Julia to pursue her dreams and never let anyone discourage her.

Ann’s love and support have helped Julia become the person she is today.

Samuel Fox is an American businessman from New York City. He is the CEO of a real estate company and has been involved in various entrepreneurial ventures.

Samuel has always been a hard-working and determined individual, and he instilled these values in his daughter.

Julia has often credited her father for her success and has stated that he has been her biggest inspiration. Samuel has always been supportive of Julia’s career choices and encouraged her to follow her dreams.

Julia’s parents divorced when she was very young, and she moved to Italy with her mother. She grew up in a small town in Italy and was raised by her mother and grandparents.

Julia always had a passion for the arts and started pursuing her dreams at a very young age.

Julia’s mother, Ann, supported her daughter’s interests and encouraged her to pursue a career in the arts. Ann understood the importance of following one’s passions and never let financial constraints come in the way of her daughter’s dreams

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