Children: John Ford is a name that every movie buff must have heard of. He is one of the greatest directors in the history of American cinema, having won four Academy Awards for Best Director.

Ford is known for his iconic films such as “The Searchers,” “Stagecoach,” and “The Grapes of Wrath.” However, not many people know about his personal life, including his children.

Before we delve into the lives of John Ford's children, let's first get to know the man himself. John Ford, born John Martin Feeney in 1894, was an American film director and producer.

He began his career as an actor in silent films before transitioning into directing. Ford was known for his visually stunning shots, his ability to tell stories about the American West, and his use of a stock company of actors.

Ford directed over 140 films in his career, spanning several decades. He won four Academy Awards for Best Director, more than any other director in history.

His films are known for their iconic shots, including the “monument valley” shots in several of his westerns.

John Ford Children: Meet Barbara Ford and Patrick Ford

In all John had two children his lifetime, below are details on his children

Barbara Ford

Barbara Ford was born on May 4, 1911, in San Francisco, California. She was the eldest child of John Ford and his wife, Mary McBride Smith.

Barbara was one of seven children born to the couple. She had a relatively successful acting career, appearing in several of her father's films.

Barbara made her film debut in her father's film “Straight Shooting” in 1917. She went on to act in several other films, including “The Village Blacksmith” (1922) and “Just Pals” (1920).

However, she is best known for her role in the 1928 film “Four Sons,” which was directed by her father.

In addition to her acting career, Barbara was also a screenwriter. She co-wrote the script for the 1948 film “The Plunderers” with her father.

Barbara was also involved in her father's production company, John Ford Productions, serving as an assistant to her father.

Barbara Ford passed away on September 22, 1983, in Pacific Palisades, California.

Patrick Ford

Patrick Ford was born on April 14, 1935, in Beverly Hills, California. He was the youngest child of John Ford and his second wife, Mary Lindsay Hughs.

Patrick grew up surrounded by the film industry, with his father being one of the most famous directors in Hollywood.

Patrick worked as a producer in Hollywood, producing several films in the 1980s and 1990s.

He produced films such as “The Black Stallion Returns” (1983) and “The Golden Seal” (1983). Patrick also worked as an assistant director on several of his father's films, including “Sergeant Rutledge” (1960) and “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” (1962).

In addition to his work in the film industry, Patrick was also involved in politics. He worked as a political consultant for several Republican politicians, including Ronald Reagan.

Patrick Ford passed away on February 7, 2021, in Palm Desert, California.



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