Is Steve Kornacki Gay?

Steve Kornacki is a well-known American political journalist and correspondent. He has been a prominent figure in the media for years, providing insightful analysis and commentary on various political events.

Kornacki began his career in journalism as a reporter for He later worked for various news outlets, including and The New York Observer. He gained widespread recognition for his coverage of the 2010 midterm elections, during which he provided in-depth analysis of the results for MSNBC.

Since then, Kornacki has become a regular contributor to MSNBC, appearing on various shows such as “Morning Joe” and “The Rachel Maddow Show.” He is known for his expertise in political analysis, particularly when it comes to election results and polling data.

Is Steve Kornacki Gay?

Yes. The journalist and media personality publicly announced his sexual orientation in a Salon Magazine article back in 2011. His revelation was met with the full support of friends and fans in America and beyond.


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