Devin Booker, an NBA player, has been making headlines not just for his basketball skills but also for his personal life. Recently, rumors have been circulating that Booker is romantically involved with Jenna Ortega, an actress known for her role in Wednesday. But how true are these claims? Let’s dive into the details.

It all started when a photo of Devin Booker and Jenna Ortega side by side was shared on Twitter. The picture had a TMZ watermark and the caption claimed that the two were seen having dinner together. The photo quickly went viral, with many fans speculating that the two might be dating.

However, upon closer inspection, it became apparent that the photo was a fake. The picture was posted by a Twitter account called B**tcrack Sports, which is known for posting satirical content and often fooling unsuspecting followers with its highly-plausible claims. Many fans pointed out that the picture was photoshopped and there was no truth to the rumors.

Is Jenna Ortega Dating Devin Booker? Picture of the two celebrities confuses fans

No. Neither Jenna Ortega nor Devin Booker has commented or confirmed the alleged dating rumour or romance. Moreover, no credible source has reported about the two dating, and it is not even known if the two know each other. As of now, both Ortega and Booker are known to be single.

This is not the first time that B**tcrack Sports has fooled the public with its satirical claims. The account recently claimed that rapper Ice Spice is dating Golden State Warriors player Jordan Poole, which also turned out to be false.

It is crucial to take news from unofficial sources with a grain of salt and double-check facts before believing in them.



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