As a fresh academic year is about to begin for new Senior High School students, the release of the results for the 2022 BECE examinations is one of the main topics of discussion in the country. 

The results have not yet been released by the West African Examination Council. However, we will be sharing with you in this article two methods and three steps that you can follow to check your examination results when they do come out.

Read to the end to learn the full process.

Method 1 : Via Website 

Buy a Results Checker

Firstly, you must purchase a results checker scratch card or voucher. Each of these cards come with unique serial numbers and 12-digit Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) which you will need for the subsequent steps in the results-checking process. 

Visit the official WAEC website 

The next step is to visit the results portal on the official WAEC website. This page will provide you with a short form that you must fill with the necessary details.

The data required by this form includes:

  1. The type of examination (eg. BECE). 
  2. Your BECE index number.
  3. The year in which you wrote the examination (eg. 2022).
  4. The serial number on your scratch card or voucher.
  5. The 12-digit PIN on your scratch card or voucher. 
  6. Confirm your index number and the year of your examination and click the “Submit” button. 

Download or Print out your results 

After clicking Submit, the portal will use the information you provided to generate the BECE results for you. This is the last part of the results checking process. 

Upon receiving your results, crosscheck the identification details to confirm that they match yours. Once you have verified that it is yours, you can decide to download, screenshot or make a hard-copy of your results.

Method 2 : Via Mobile Short Code 

Another method you can use to check your BECE results without using the website is to use the mobile short code *928*123#.

After dialing this code, the rest of the process is similar to that of the website. You will be asked to provide your index number and all the other details mentioned above.

You will also need to purchase the voucher or scratch card, it costs 20GH¢.


Any candidate who wishes to check their BECE results must first purchase a voucher or scratch card to receive their PIN code and unique serial number. 

You can decide to check your results online via the WAEC official website or from the comfort of your home via the mobile short code *928*123#.

You will then be required to input a set of information before your results will be retrieved for you. When you receive your results, you can decide to save it, screenshot or have it printed out for you.



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