Despite the extremely involving and challenging nature of the job, Air Hosting is still among the most sort after jobs in the country. Each year, hundreds of young women enroll in aviation colleges to learn to become professional and successful Air hostesses. 

This article is meant to shed light on the important issues that are related to the Air hostess profession. 

We will discuss some relevant topics like what course to study in aviation school, the duration, age limits, how the job impacts your personal life, among many others. 

Keep reading to learn all these and more. 

What to study to become an Air hostess?

To become an air hostess, you must first get enrolled in an aviation college and choose the course or programme that falls in line with your career goals. 

Below is a list of some of the courses suitable for aspiring air hostesses. Look through carefully to find the one that suits you best:

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Aviation 
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Airport Management 
  3. B.Sc. in Air Hostess Training
  4. Degree in International Airline and Travel Management
  5. Bachelor of Hospitality and Travel Management
  6. Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management
  7. MBA in Aviation

How long is the Air hostess course?

The duration of air hostess courses range from a couple of months to a year and then to three years for a Bachelor’s Degree. 

In short, the length of your air hostess course depends on the level of qualification you are pursuing. 

Is the study of Air hostess hard?

Much like the actual on-field experience, the air hostess training is not a walk in the park either. The training is demanding and requires a lot of physical, psychological and emotional maturity and skills. 

Air hostess must have strong people skills and even better first aid capabilities, both of which almost always come in handy during actually flights. 

What is the age limit of Air hostess?

Usually, aviation schools accept applicants that are at least 17 years old and 26 years old max. The nature of the profession calls for all air hostesses to be young, active, and vibrant, all of which can be found within the above mentioned age group.

Can I apply for Air hostess without training?

You don’t necessarily need to complete an air hostess training programme to be employed into the position. However, having some background in aviation will be a very big plus on your resume. 

Can a Air hostess marry?

Yes. Air hostess can marry if they wish to. The job is very demanding and barely ever gives you any chance for family time however, it has no restrictions against marriage. 


In conclusion, the air hostess profession is a very challenging one. Although there are numerous aviation courses to choose from, it is not mandatory for aspiring air hostesses to hold a qualification from any aviation college before getting employed.



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