Greg Becker is a well-known name in the world of finance. He is the CEO of Silicon Valley Bank and has been instrumental in shaping the bank's growth trajectory.

's wife is Julie Becker. She has been married to Greg for over 20 years. However, not much is known about Julie Becker's background or her profession.

Greg Becker Wife
Greg Becker Wife

Julie has kept a low profile and has not been in the limelight. She is not active on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram, which makes it difficult to gather information about her.

However, we do know that Julie and Greg have two children together and live in California.

While Julie Becker's background and profession may be unknown, her role in Greg's life is undoubtedly significant.

In a 2019 interview with Bloomberg, Greg spoke about his wife's unwavering support and how she has been instrumental in his success.

Greg said that Julie has been his “sounding board” throughout his career, providing him with valuable insights and feedback.

He also said that Julie has been instrumental in creating a work-life balance and that she keeps him grounded.