The Ghana Education Service (GES) has in a letter written to various Education stakeholders with the intention to roll out Professional Learning Community (PLC) App for it’s staff.

The Professional Learning Community (PLC) App was created with the help of Ghana Library Authority (GLA).

The purpose of the app is to offer continuous and a more effective support to the implementation of the PLC in the various Basic Schools in the country.

The implementation of the app will be met with an initial piloting which is termed as Phase One in the Upper West, Northern Region, Oti Region, Bono-East Region, Greater-Accra Region and Western Region.

The implementation of the PLC App will commence from 30th January, 2023.

Management of GES direct all Regional Education Directors to inform other District within their regions to get themselves ready for the exercise.

What is Professional Learning Community (PLC)?

A professional learning community (PLC) is a group of teachers who come together regularly to share ideas and resources, reflect on their practice, and collaborate on ways to improve teaching and learning.

It’s possible that the Ghana Education Service has established PLCs as a way to support the professional development of its teachers and other education professionals.

What are the Benefits of Professional Learning Community (PLC)?

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) can provide many benefits to basic schools in Ghana.

Some of these benefits include:

Improved instruction: PLCs allow teachers to collaborate and share best practices, which can lead to more effective and engaging instruction for students.

Increased student achievement: By focusing on student learning and using data to inform instruction, PLCs can help schools improve student achievement.

Professional growth: PLCs provide opportunities for teachers to learn from each other, share expertise, and continuously improve their practice.

Improved communication: PLCs promote open communication and trust among teachers, which can lead to a more positive school culture.

Increased accountability: PLCs focus on student learning and hold teachers accountable for student achievement, which can lead to a more effective use of instructional time and resources.

Increased teacher retention: PLCs provide opportunities for professional growth and collaboration, which can lead to increased job satisfaction and lower turnover among teachers.

Increased parent involvement: PLCs can help schools communicate more effectively with parents, which can lead to increased parent involvement and support for student learning.

What is the GES Professional Learning Community ( PLC) App?

The GES Professional Learning Community (PLC) app is a software application designed to support and enhance the collaborative learning and professional development of teachers and other professionals in our basic schools in the country.

Such an app can provide features such as communication tools, document sharing, and schedule and task management.

The app can also provide a platform for teachers to share best practices, resources, and ideas, as well as collaborate on lesson planning and curriculum development.

Additionally, the app can have a feature that records the progress of the learning and development of the educators, which can be used for evaluations or other purposes.

What You Need to Know About the Professional Learning Community (PLC) Portal

A Professional Learning Community (PLC) Portal is a web-based platform that facilitates collaboration and communication among educators within a school or district.

It typically includes features such as forums, document sharing, and calendar tools to support ongoing professional development and improvement efforts.

Additionally, PLC portals may provide access to resources such as lesson plans, best practices, and research-based strategies to support instruction and student learning.

The goal of PLC is to improve the instruction and learning of students by providing teachers with regular opportunities to come together to discuss and analyze student work, share best practices, and collaborate on instructional strategies.


The introduction of PLCs in our various schools has the tendency to improve upon the quality of teachers and pupils and therefore, it is the right policy in the right direction.



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