is a legendary American actor and novelist, famous for his performances in many classic movies. However, not many people know about his personal life, including his marriages.

Gene Hackman has been married twice in his life, first to Faye Maltese and then to Betsy Arakawa. Faye Maltese was born on December 21, 1928, in California, USA. She was an American actress, known for her performances in many movies and TV shows. Faye Maltese met Gene Hackman in 1955 when he was working as a doorman in New York City.

Gene Hackman Wife: Meet Betsy Arakawa and Faye Maltese

They fell in love and got married on January 1, 1956. They have three children together, Christopher Allen, Elizabeth Jean, and Leslie Anne.

Faye Maltese supported Gene Hackman throughout his career and was always there for him. She even managed his finances and helped him with his investments. However, their marriage was not always smooth sailing, and they had their fair share of problems. In 1986, after 30 years of marriage, Gene Hackman and Faye Maltese got divorced.

Betsy Arakawa was born on January 1, 1952, in Hawaii, USA. She is a former professional tennis player and artist. Betsy Arakawa met Gene Hackman in 1983 when he was filming the movie “Misunderstood” in Hawaii. They fell in love and got married on March 1, 1991, in a private ceremony in Bernalillo County, New Mexico.

Betsy Arakawa is known for being very supportive of Gene Hackman's career and personal life. She even helped him with his writing, and they co-authored a historical novel together called “Escape from Andersonville.” They have been married for over 30 years now and seem to be very happy together.

Gene Hackman's two wives, Faye Maltese and Betsy Arakawa, are very different from each other. Faye Maltese was an actress and a homemaker, while Betsy Arakawa was a professional tennis player and an artist. Faye Maltese was known for being very private, while Betsy Arakawa is more public.

Another major difference between Gene Hackman's wives is their relationship with him. Faye Maltese was there for him throughout his career, while Betsy Arakawa has actively helped him with his writing and other projects. They have co-authored a book together and have even worked on a screenplay.