Gary Lineker is a former professional footballer, sports broadcaster, and television personality. He is one of the most recognized faces in British sports, and his personal life has often been a topic of discussion.

Gary Lineker has been married twice, and he has four children, George, Harry, Tobias, and Angus.

George Lineker is the oldest child of Gary Lineker and his first wife, Michelle Cockayne. He was born on October 11, 1991, in the United Kingdom. George grew up in a family that had a strong football background, with his father being a legendary footballer. George is also passionate about football and has pursued a career in the sport.

Gary Lineker Children: Meet George, Harry, Tobias, Angus

After completing his education, George signed a contract with the football club Ibiza, a team that plays in the Spanish Tercera Division. He also runs his own fashion brand named “George Lineker Apparel.” George has a strong presence on social media and has over 226k followers on Instagram.

Harry Lineker is the second son of Gary Lineker and Michelle Cockayne. He was born on November 10, 1994. Harry, like his older brother George, has a passion for football. However, he chose to pursue a different career path and went to drama school to become an actor.

Harry has appeared in a few movies and TV shows. He has also worked as a model and has modeled for several clothing brands. Harry is quite active on social media and has over 58k followers on Instagram.

Tobias Lineker is the third son of Gary Lineker and Michelle Cockayne. He was born on December 8, 1996. Tobias is also a football enthusiast and has played football since he was young. He was part of the Leicester City youth team but didn’t pursue a career in football professionally.

Instead, Tobias works in the film industry as a cinematographer. He has worked on several films and TV shows and has won several awards for his work. Tobias is also active on social media and has over 25k followers on Instagram.

Angus Lineker is the youngest child of Gary Lineker and his second wife, Danielle Bux. He was born on November 16, 2006. Angus is still young and is currently in school. Not much is known about his interests or career aspirations.



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