This article provides important information regarding the deadline for the sale of nursing training forms in Ghana. 

It explains how the application process works, and outlines the steps necessary to complete the forms before the due date. 

It also provides guidance on any additional documents that may be required for submission. 

Additionally, it provides helpful details about the cost of tuition, price of the application vouchers and some information about the salaries earned by nurses in Ghana. 

This article serves as a guide for those interested in pursuing nursing training in Ghana.

What is the deadline for 2023 nursing training Forms?

According to the Ministry of Health, the portal for the Nursing And Midwifery Training College applications will be opened on May 16, 2023. 

Aspiring nurses are encouraged to acquire and fill out their copies of the application forms to secure themselves a shot in the nursing training college.

All nursing training applications must be submitted before July 29, 2023.

How much is nursing training form in Ghana?

The application forms for admission into the Nursing And Midwifery Training College of Ghana cost GH¢200 at the time of writing. 

To purchase a form for yourself, visit the post office or any branches of the following banks to purchase an application voucher: Agricultural Development Bank(ADB), GCB Bank, Ecobank, Zenith Bank, Unibank, Fidelity Bank, Republic Bank.

International students are to use their VISA cards to obtain their voucher. 

How much does it cost to study nursing in Ghana?

The tuition fees for nursing training in Ghana range from GH¢2,220 to GH¢3,702. The price depends on the school you were admitted into, the program you’re offering and the duration of your course. 

How much are nurses paid in Ghana?

The salaries of nurses vary based on a number of factors; their experience level, seniority level, and the sector the hospital they work for belongs to (that is, public or private sector).

According to reviews on Glassdoor, the least paid nurse in Ghana earns a monthly salary of about GH¢1,800


In conclusion, pursuing a career in nursing in Ghana is a great way to make a positive impact on the healthcare system in the country. 

Prospective students should research the qualifications and criteria required to become a nurse, as well as the various organizations and programs available. 

Also, they should take into consideration the cost of tuition, available financial aid, and the application process deadlines. With this knowledge, individuals can equip themselves with the necessary resources and guidance to begin their nursing career. 



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