Are you planning to get married in Ghana, but unsure about the cost of a court wedding?

Look no further, as we have put together this comprehensive guide on court wedding cost in Ghana to help you make an informed decision.

What is a Court Wedding?

A court wedding, also known as a civil wedding or registry marriage, is a legal ceremony performed by a registrar at a courthouse or registry office.

This type of wedding is recognized by law and is a popular option for couples who want a simple, affordable, and legally binding ceremony.

Court Wedding Cost in Ghana

The cost or price of a court wedding in Ghana varies depending on the location and other factors such as the number of guests, wedding date, and time.

Generally, the cost of a court wedding in Ghana ranges from GHS 50 to GHS 300.

In Accra, the capital city of Ghana, the cost of a court wedding at the Marriage Registry is GHS 280, which includes the marriage certificate, registrar’s fee, and stamp duty.

This cost is subject to change, and it is advisable to confirm the current cost before making any plans.

Steps to Getting Married at the Marriage Registry in Ghana

If you have decided to get married at the Marriage Registry in Ghana, here are the steps to follow:

Obtain and fill the marriage forms

The first step is to obtain the marriage forms from the Marriage Registry. These forms can be downloaded online or obtained in person at the registry office.

You will be required to fill out the forms with your personal information and submit them with the necessary documents.

Submit the forms with necessary documents

After filling out the marriage forms, you will need to submit them with the necessary documents, including a valid identification card, passport photos, and proof of residence.

Book an appointment

Once you have submitted the forms and necessary documents, you will need to book an appointment with the registrar for the ceremony.

The registrar will confirm the date and time of the ceremony and provide you with further instructions.

Pay the required fees

Before the wedding ceremony, you will be required to pay the required fees, including the registrar’s fee, stamp duty, and marriage certificate fee.

Get married

On the day of the wedding, you and your partner will need to be present at the Marriage Registry with two witnesses. The registrar will perform the wedding ceremony and issue you with a marriage certificate.

Other Costs to Consider

In addition to the cost of the court wedding, there are other costs to consider when planning your wedding in Ghana. These costs include:

Wedding attire

You will need to budget for your wedding attire, including the bride’s dress, groom’s suit, and accessories.


If you plan to have a reception after the wedding ceremony, you will need to budget for a venue. The cost of the venue will depend on the location, size, and type of venue.


You will need to budget for catering, including food and drinks for your guests. The cost of catering will depend on the number of guests and the type of menu.


You may want to decorate the wedding venue, which will require a budget for decorations such as flowers, balloons, and other decor.


If you plan to transport your guests to and from the wedding venue, you will need to budget for transportation costs.



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