CSSPS is an abbreviation for the Computerized School Selection and Placement System. It is under this system that Junior High School leavers who participated in the WASSCE examinations are placed into the Senior High Schools they deserve based on their performance in the exams. 

This article aims to provide you with detailed information about how the computerized placement system works, as well as to educate you on what approach to take if you wish to change your placement or apply for special placement. 

How to fill CSSPS School Selection Form?

The new school selection system is cluster-based. This means that each school you select in this system belongs to a select group of schools with the same ranking, if you do not gain admission into your school of choice, you may be admitted into any of the others in its cluster. 

How is the school placement done?

The number of students who get placed in each secondary school depends on the total number of vacancies declared by the various schools. 

The Senior High Schools also admit students based on their results. Once all the available seats are taken in the schools, no further admissions will be granted.

How do you do self placement on CSSPS?

Every BECE candidate must ensure that they have chosen their schools long before their examination results come out. Usually, the Junior High Schools help the students out with the process. 

However, if you wish to work on your school placement by yourself, here is a step by step guide on how to do self placement. 

  1. Purchase your scratch card or e-voucher to access a unique PIN code and serial number.
  2. Log on to the CSSPS portal on the WAEC website.
  3. Input your BECE index number 
  4. Input the serial number and PIN code on your scratch card or voucher. 
  5. Select your year of completion (e.g 2022)
  6. Select your preferred residential option (i.e day or boarding) to access the list of all the available Secondary Schools that match your preference. 
  7. Select the school of your choice and wait to receive an admission message from them. 

Self placement allows you to keep selecting different schools until you finally get enrolled in one. 

Can I change my placement?

Candidates cannot change their placements per se. However, if you get admitted into a school you don’t like, you have the option of applying for a transfer from that school to your preferred one. 

You can only transfer schools after completing one academic year in the one you gained admission into. 


In conclusion, the school placement process has been computerized to make the process simpler and more efficient. Students are placed based on their performance in the BECE exams. If you don’t get placed, you can remedy the situation by opting for self placement.

Source: Mckpage.com


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