Chris Rock is an American comedian, actor, and producer who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

He is known for his sarcastic humor, political commentary, and insightful observations about the world around him.

In addition to his successful career, Chris Rock is also a proud father of two daughters, Lola and Zahra.

Chris Rock Children: Meet Lola And Zahra

Lola Simone Rock was born on June 28, 2002, and Zahra Savannah Rock was born on May 22, 2004.

They are the daughters of Chris Rock and his ex-wife, Malaak Compton-Rock.

Lola and Zahra are biracial, with their mother being of African-American and Caucasian descent, and their father being of African-American descent.

Lola Simone Rock

Lola is the older of the two sisters and is currently 18 years old. She has grown up in the public eye, with her father being a well-known comedian and actor.

Despite this, Lola has managed to keep a relatively low profile and has stayed out of the spotlight.

Lola is a talented dancer and has been performing since she was young. She has competed in various dance competitions and has won numerous awards.

In addition to dancing, Lola is also interested in fashion and has a unique sense of style.

She often shares her outfits on social media and has become somewhat of a fashion icon for her fans.

Zahra Savannah Rock

Zahra is the younger of the two sisters and is currently 16 years old. Like her sister, Zahra has also grown up in the public eye.

However, she has not been as active on social media as Lola and has kept a lower profile.

Zahra is a talented artist and has been drawing since she was young. She often shares her artwork on social media and has gained a following of fans who admire her talent.

In addition to her artistic abilities, Zahra is also interested in music and plays the piano.

Despite his busy career, Chris Rock has always made it a priority to be there for his children.

In interviews, he has spoken about how important his role as a father is to him and how much he loves spending time with his daughters.

He has also been open about the challenges of co-parenting with his ex-wife, Malaak Compton-Rock, and has discussed the importance of communication and compromise in their relationship.

Chris Rock has also been supportive of his daughters’ interests and passions. He has attended Lola’s dance competitions and has shared her performances on social media.

He has also shared Zahra’s artwork on social media and has encouraged her creativity.

Lola and Zahra Rock may have grown up in the public eye, but they have managed to maintain their privacy and pursue their passions.

Lola is a talented dancer and fashion icon, while Zahra is a talented artist and musician.

Their father, Chris Rock, has always been supportive of their interests and has been a dedicated father to both of his daughters.


  1. What are Lola and Zahra Rock known for?
  • Lola is known for her dancing and fashion sense, while Zahra is known for her artwork and musical abilities.
  1. Who is Chris Rock’s ex-wife?
  • Chris Rock’s ex-wife is Malaak Compton-Rock.
  1. What is Lola’s age?
  • Lola is currently 18 years old.
  1. What is Zahra’s age?
  • Zahra is currently 16 years old



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