Brendan Fraser is a talented actor who has been in the entertainment industry for several decades. He is known for his outstanding performances in various films, including “The Mummy,” “George of the Jungle,” “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” and many others. However, many people may not know much about Brendan Fraser’s personal life, family, nationality, wife, height, movies, and net worth. In this article, we will provide you with comprehensive information on Brendan Fraser, his personal life, and his career, which can help you understand him better.

Brendan Fraser Nationality

Brendan Fraser was born on December 3, 1968, in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Therefore, he is an American by birth. However, Brendan Fraser has Canadian citizenship as well, as his mother is Canadian.

Brendan Fraser Family

Brendan Fraser’s father, Peter Fraser, was a Canadian who worked as a journalist. On the other hand, his mother, Carol Mary Genereux, was an American who worked as a sales counselor. Brendan Fraser has three siblings: Kevin Fraser, Regan Fraser, and Sean Fraser.

Brendan Fraser Wife

Brendan Fraser was married to Afton Smith, an actress, and they tied the knot in 1998. They have three children together: Griffin Arthur Fraser, Holden Fletcher Fraser, and Leland Francis Fraser. Unfortunately, the couple divorced in 2008.

Brendan Fraser Height

Brendan Fraser is a tall man, standing at six feet, three inches (190 cm). He has a well-built physique and is known for maintaining his fitness levels.

Brendan Fraser Movies

Brendan Fraser has had a successful acting career, with several notable performances in various movies. Some of his most popular films include “The Mummy,” “George of the Jungle,” “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” “Bedazzled,” and “Crash.” Brendan Fraser has also acted in several television series, such as “Doom Patrol,” “Texas Rising,” and “Condor.”

Brendan Fraser Net Worth

Brendan Fraser’s net worth is estimated to be around $25 million. He has earned this wealth through his successful acting career, which has spanned over three decades.



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