BECE stands for Basic Education Certificate Examination. It is an international exam written in West African Junior High Schools to assess the readiness of students for the next level of their educational journey, that is the Senior High School level. 

The intent of this article is to provide you with all the available information on the start date of the BECE exams for the 2023 batch of JHS leavers. This article also touches on a good number of other topics relevant to the topic. 

When is BECE starting in 2023?

For several decades, BECE has been written between the months of April and July. June has seen the most number of BECE examinations. It was only a couple of years ago that the cycle changed a little. 

As it stands now, WAEC has not yet provided information regarding the date that BECE exams will start this year. 

The year is still very young so the best we can all do is wait for an official announcement from the West African Examination Council. 

Is the BECE timetable for 2023 out?

No, WAEC has not released any timetable (provisional or final) for the 2023 BECE examinations yet. Once the timetable is released, we will make sure to make it available for you. 

What day is BECE school placement coming out?

The school placements for BECE candidates are usually released within 3-7 days after the release of the results. All candidates will be contacted by the Senior High Schools they gained admission in via email or SMS.

The next line of action will then be communicated to them by the school.

How is BECE school placement done?

All candidates are made to choose a list of their preferred schools, courses and accommodation arrangements (i.e. day/boarding). 

Each student is to choose a total of five schools; one school from Option 3, one community day school (compulsory) and any three others. 

The students will be provided with a school selection pamphlet from which they are to select their preferred schools with the guidance of their parents/guardians.

Students are admitted into Secondary schools based on their performance in the BECE examinations. 

How is the BECE raw score calculated?

To get a candidate’s raw score, the marks they obtained in the four core subjects; Maths, English, Science and Social Studies, and their best two subjects are added and marked over 600. The raw score has nothing to do with your aggregate.


WAEC is yet to release the date and timetable for this year’s BECE examination however, it is only a matter of time before they do so. Therefore, candidates are advised to start preparing ahead.



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