Amy Miller: Bryan Patrick Miller’s Ex-Wife Testifies in Murder Trial

The murder trial of Bryan Patrick Miller continued on Thursday, as his ex-wife took the stand to provide details about their relationship.

Miller, who was known as the “Zombie Hunter” for the costumes he used to wear, is on trial for allegedly killing Melanie Bernas, 17, and Angela Brosso, 21, who were found brutally stabbed to death in the Arizona Canal along Interstate 17 near the Metrocenter area.

Bryan Patrick Miller ex- wife: Meet Amy Miller

Amy Miller testified about her relationship with Bryan Miller, including their first date at Castles N’ Coasters, an amusement park located near where Bernas and Brosso’s bodies were found.

She also revealed that she only found out about Bryan’s time spent in juvenile detention after they were married.

Bryan Miller was in juvenile detention for stabbing a woman near the Paradise Valley Mall in 1989. While in jail, he wrote that the stabbing sent “chills up his spine.”

According to Amy Miller, she only learned the true reason for her ex-husband’s incarceration when he was arrested for stabbing another woman in Washington State. Bryan Miller was acquitted of those charges after claiming that the woman had tried to rob him. Amy Miller said she asked Bryan why he had done it while he was in jail in Washington and he responded by saying that “something about her reminded him of his mother.”

Bryan Miller was connected to the Brosso and Bernas cases by DNA evidence and forensic genealogy. Miller’s defense attorneys do not dispute that Miller killed the two women but instead claim that he can’t remember killing them and was not responsible for his actions due to the abuse he suffered as a child at the hands of his mother.

The trial is ongoing, and the prosecution is expected to call more witnesses to the stand in the coming days. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.



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